Soul Realignment

Are you ready to unlock the secrets and wisdom of your highest self-expression?
Are you longing for Soul-Level healing and to finally banish self-sabotage and clear negative karmic patterns?
Would you like to unleash your spiritual power and discover your true divine potential?

Soul Realignment® is an intuitive modality that explores and unlocks your inherent spiritual gifts and soul purpose. It opens pathways to live your true potential by becoming aligned with your unique Soul Blueprint.

When creating your individualized soul profile reading, utilizing the Akashic Records, you will gain far-reaching insight and clarity about your past and presence, which can galvanize a profound transformative process. This work will assist you to create an authentic life for yourself that is in alignment with your soul purpose and who you truly are.

Each soul has a specific energetic signature and quality. During this session you will find out about your true gifts and also uncover blocks, or imbalances stemming from past lives, which still affect you and hold you back in the here and now.

I will provide you with tools to clear and transmute stagnant, old karmic patterns and guide you in creating an authentic soul expression for you in this life time, so that you are able to shine your light as brightly as possible and fulfill your mission.

Sessions are possible via phone or video conference (Zoom, Skype)
Session time – 90 min
Cost – $222.00 

The following information is necessary 72 hrs prior to this session:
– Full Name
– Full Name at Birth
– Date of Birth
– Place of Birth
– Your Intentions for the next 6 Months

Please book a FREE consult for further details.

“This session changed my life in a miraculous way, because I feel now connected with my inherent soul. It feels like an exciting metamorphosis started and I am slowly turning into this iridescent butterfly, which was me all along.”

Forest & Nature Mindfulness Guide

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but it soon became clear that this was an extraordinary experience. I received many insights and knowledge about who I am, and have a much better understanding about why I am here.
100% worth it!”

Assistant Manager

“Things in my life (relationships, patterns, behaviors) make SO MUCH sense after my alignment session with Cornelia! I was able to completely release beliefs and agreements that I “thought” I was over, but were lingering in the subconscious. I feel lighter energetically and am able to look back at my current past (🤔) and know that I can, and am, moving on with my divine self-expression. “

Brand Visibility Consultant