Transformative Coaching


Cornelia provides Transformative Coaching during times of personal challenges.

Special areas include:
  • Find your authentic direction in life
  • Raise your energetic frequency
  • Write a new story of hope, possibilities and self-empowerment
  • Resolve karmic wounds affecting your current life
  • Chakra, aura, and energy cleansing
  • Revocation of past promises and pledges
  • Refocus and reset your intentions
  • Alignment of body, mind, and spirit
  • Raise your consciousness
  • Personal growth

Photo by Cornelia Gilbert


Cornelia was born and raised in Munich, Germany. Soon life's journey took her to London UK, Spain, and the US.

Energy Work

A lasting healing process depends upon the integration of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Changes in the subtle energy systems (i.e. chakras, auras, nadis) have a direct impact on the physical body, on our feelings, and ultimately on our thoughts …


Course offers change and vary, please continue to check this space. All courses are virtual and attended from the comfort of your home. Please see current course offers…


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« Cornelia has a special gift to coalesce her energies with nature and the divine principle. Therefore, she mediates the truth of the Higher Self. This is how people, who come into contact with her, are able to profoundly connect with their hearts. »

Pat Edith Werner
Psychotherapist and Medium
Berlin, Germany

« Through Cornelia’s intuitive and empathetic guidance, clients are able to identify and release the root cause of any obstacles that may stand in their way. Her technique is not only subtle and far reaching, it’s also profoundly effective. Highly recommended! »

Dr. Kevin Poulston BS, DC
Indian Harbour Beach, Florida


Cornelia Gilbert
321 - 504 8188


I subscribe to an interdisciplinary approach and was trained both in Europe and the US and use a variety of techniques: energy work, cognitive behavioral coaching, breath work, therapeutic metaphors, guided visualization, guided imagery, thought refocusing, positive affirmation, effective goal-setting, gratitude and appreciation.

In my work with people for over 15 years, my main focus has always been creating alignment between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When tapping into these dimensions in their entirety, we are able to become integral and authentic beings, and truly healthy on every level. This enables us to live fulfilled lives, by feeling connected, and ultimately follow our life’s direction, or the written plan of why we are here at this specific time.

Individual sessions can help you with:
  • Increasing your mental and physcial energy level
  • Becoming aware of self-induced obstacles
  • Creating boundaries, emotionally and energetically
  • Gaining clarity in your thoughts and feelings
  • Managing inner conflicts
  • Personal growth & direction
  • Unlocking self-limiting beliefs
Photo by Cornelia Gilbert


Cornelia has over 15 years experience working with clients individually and in groups. Her group work includes running inner child workshops, women's shamanic groups, meditation groups, chakra and energy work groups.

She has a unique ability to accelerate the individual's healing process, and she is dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds finding the best version of themselves, with unconditional and positive regard.

Cornelia is an ICU and hospice nurse, certified life coach, and ordained minister. She lives in Florida, enjoys the outdoors, meditation, and cooking.

Energy Work

« Energy cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed from one form to another. »
Albert Einstein

When working with these subtle energy organs and they return back to harmony and balance, you boost your energy level, chaos can turn into clarity, and anxiety into calm, and often true emotions are able to surface and find their true and authentic voice. It has been my experience that clients often re-discover their own creative, and intuitive side while on this journey.

Learn to be at peace and in love with who you truly are. Collect long lost parts of yourself, by increasing your consciousness, and re-connecting with your inner senses.

It’s time to live your grounded, spiritual presence, and integrate forgotten aspects, to become whole, and the person you truly are. Let’s take this leap together.



« Ich bin selbst eine holistische Therapeutin und habe Cornelia um Hilfe gebeten. Ich fühle mich von Ihr verstanden, gesehen und angenommen. Cornelia hört zu, sie stimmt sich auf die Klänge meines Seins ein und erreicht so alle Ebenen. Mein Herz füllt sich mit Dankbarkeit und Freude darüber, dass ich einen Menschen gefunden habe, der MIR zuhört und mich in meiner Suche nach Freude und Frieden in mir selbst bestärkt und bestätigt. »

Sabine Wendt,
Spiritual Counselor
Sardinia, Italy

« Cornelia has a unique metaphysical approach towards Life Coaching that she complements with her warm and healing presence. »

Anne Geraghty,
Psychotherapist and Author of ‹ How Loving Relationships Work: Understanding Love's Living Force›
Cumbria, UK

« I met Cornelia through her London based practice in the mid 1990s. I attended groups she facilitated as well as individual sessions with her – she was skilled, experienced and extremely supportive at a time when I was experiencing quite a bit of change and difficulty in my life. I particularly appreciated that Cornelia trained overseas in an established and respected school with which I had not become familiar through working in the UK caring professions. The freshness of the approach and the warmth, skill, humour and patience Cornelia brings to her work with me helped me to find my feet after a very "rough patch". It's a pleasure to recommend her services to other people. »

Diana Breadmore
Southampton, UK

« I met Cornelia when she lived in Minneapolis, US. She first became a customer of mine thru my hair salon. As time went on I turned to her and started Life Coaching when I was in need of lots of help and she helped me get thru some very tough and difficult moments. She took the time to listen when I needed it the most even when I did not have an appointment or when I called she was always willing and able to listen. I miss her support very much and I know who ever looks for her services will be grateful for the help and understanding she will give. »

Aleata Dauwalter
Hair Stylist
Minneapolis, USA


Six-week course
During this six-week series, participants will submerge into the mystery of their intuitive side. You will discover your innate self, improve your skill set, and gain more clarity during times of immense internal and external transitions.

Participants will fine-tune their senses and gain the confidence to trust their perception. The course covers a variety of energy modalities and their scientific background, kinesiology, electromagnetism inside the body, spiritual hygiene, and clearing of energy blockages.

If you know there is more than what you perceive with your five senses, this course is for you! You may already be using your intuition but find it difficult to trust. Or you simply aspire further integration into your daily life.

During the course, participants will playfully explore and improve their intuitive skill set. There will be weekly exercises and experiences will be shared in a safe environment.

1-hour weekly morning or evening run courses are available for your convenience on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

This course is virtual and attended from the comfort of your home. Group sizes are kept small and spaces are limited. Your place is secured once payment is received prior to beginning of course.

Inquiries and registration, please call 321-504-8188.


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First consultation free of charge

1:1 Sessions  - 44.00  - (30 min)
88.00  - (60 min)
133.00  - (90 min)

Sessions are virtual and attended from the comfort of your home, available in English and German.